His Late Majesty the King has extensively offered
his ideas to development work for the nation.

Over the past decades, he had developed and improved his ideas to be adopted by ordinary people and implemented by various governmental agencies as royal development projects in line with local conditions.

His ideas had been established as the concepts and theories behind all royal development work, and especially the guideline for project implementation of the 2 Royal-initiated projects in Nakhon Nayok province, the Bhumirak Dhamachart Centre and Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam Project.

The Royal-initiated Bhumirak Dhamachart Centre

One of the key projects of The Chaipattana Foundation

The Royal-initiated Bhumirak Dhamachart Centre is a large museum where visitors are allowed to learn and experience His Late Majesty King Bhumibol’s concept of development and works in its true form which will enhance their learning and understanding of the royal projects.

The Bhumirak Dhamachart Centre demonstrates the royal concept and theories of agricultural development, environmental improvement, and natural resources conservation.

The museum is divided into two parts including the Light & Sound Museum and the Living Museum. While the former part is designed as a room of ideas behind key royally-initiated projects such the Royal Rainmaking and the New Theory for visitors to see, the latter part is designed as a farm displaying the real function of the ideas to promote better understanding about His Late Majesty’s ideas for the royal development projects.

His Late Majesty the King’s Principles and Concept of Development which can be learned at the Bhumirak Dhamachart Centre:

Philosophy of Sufficiency Economy

Our Loss is Our Gain

Public Hearing

Explosion from Within

Holistic Approach


The Living Museum will display the following Royal Concepts:

Three Forests Four Benefits

Wet Fire Breaks

Check Dam

New Theory

Kaem Ling Flood Mananagement

Klaeng Din Acid Soil Management


The world’s largest roller-compacted concrete dam

- Recorded in 2006 -

Located in Ban Tha Dan, Hin Tang Sub-district, Muang District, Nakhon Nayok Province, Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam comprises a roller-compacted concrete dam, a saddle dam, and a reservoir with the retention capacity of 224 million cubic metres of water. Its crest is 2,594 metres long and 93 metres high. At the dam site, there are other appurtenant structures including diversion structures (during the construction), spillway, bottom outlet, river outlet, and irrigation outlet.

Made of 4.84 million cubic metres of roller-compacted concrete, the dam contains the highest amount of this material, construction-wise, in the world.

Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam ensures water supply and an efficient irrigation system for 185,000 rai of farmland of more than 9,000 families. Due to its huge retention capacity, water supply is now stable, thus lessen the problem of flood and drought. Finally, the acid soil problem would be solved as well. The reservoir also serves as a fish breeding area and domain for aquaculture.

Apart from irrigation benefits, Khun Dan Prakarnchon Dam is major visitor attraction of Nakhon Nayok province. Visitors can admire its grand structure and enjoy various leisure activities around and inside the dam site.

This is a haven for ecotourism where visitors can trek, windsurf, kayak, or go rafting in Khao Yai National Park. The museum and recreational centres are also available to cater to the various needs of visitors.